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Grassroots Fundraising believes that fundraising is a critical and integral part of progressive social change. We also believe that anyone can learn fundraising. For both those reasons, we create and distribute accessible materials that teach people how to raise money. The Grassroots Fundraising Journal is our flagship publication. Published every other month for more than 25 years, the Grassroots Fundraising Journal produces much-needed information on how to build successful organizations. Each issue offers practical, how-to instruction on fundraising strategies. logo
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Formed in 1999, we are the only member organization dedicated to supporting registered charities that run shops, or are interested in running shops, as part of their fundraising activities. By pooling expertise and joining forces promote to common interests...... logo
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Profit Your Organization With Charity Auctions

This is by far the most commonly method used in fundraising. Everyone just loves the idea of contributing to a good cause, and at the same time being in with a chance of winning a prize. This is done by setting a buying price for each ticket, and get the prizes sponsored by local businesses and stores, whom of course you will give publicity at the event. Besides advertising about the raffle, a good way to bring in the crowds in to have a celebrity be given the task of drawing the lots.

Donation Containers Raise Money Fast!

To promote your organization's cause and raise some good money, a very effective idea is to get in touch with the local departmental stores, shops, hotels and restaurants and take permission from them to keep donation containers of your organization at their cash counters. I am sure you must have seen these donation boxes at the cash counters. These boxes fill up with a lot of change as it is a tendency of people, that when they see a donation box for a long time at a particular place, they will contribute. The individual amounts may be small, but the more commercial establishments you are able to place them at, the more funds you can raise for your organization. You will be surprised to find out, how much money you can actually raise through this simple method. See our Potential Profits Chart to estimate how much your organization can raise using charity boxes.

Servicing Your Collection Boxes

Ask for volunteers and create a list of trusted members to visit your donation cans each month and collect the money. Record the results of each month's donations by location so you can understand which donation boxes are working effectively and which aren't. Eliminate the bad locations and always be on the look-out for new potential collection box locations.

Sports Day Fundraising Events

On a weekend, you can organize a sports day as a means for raising funds for a charity. If you and your friends are members of some club, then this event becomes easier to organize. Talk to the authorities at the club, and you may get the venue at a discounted rate. Then decide on the games to be included, like tennis, basketball, snooker, and something for the kids too. Decent prizes will need to be kept for the winners in all the games. The participants and the spectators will have a great time, and in the process will be contributing towards a noble cause too, which is simply the perfect way to be a part of a charity.