About Us

My Charity Boxes: A Variety of Donation Boxes With Great Service

Who We Are:

Founded in 1998, with the goal to help non-profit organizations with their fundraising, My Charity Boxes has been the leader in designing and manufacturing donation boxes, collection boxes and donation cans for every charity cause. Our donation and collection boxes have been raising millions of dollars for charities worldwide.

How It Works:

Besides giving donations directly to beggars, people regularly place coins in charity boxes. Nonprofit and charity groups like schools, sports teams, fire departments, human societies, rescue and ambulance squads, hospitals, food pantries, and thousands of other groups that need to raise funds and spread their message, place donation containers and coin collection boxes for people to see and donate. These are placed in stores at the checkout counters, at information desks in parks and local attractions, as well as in schools and community centers. All donation boxes are here for the same cause – to raise cash for fundraising groups.

However, not all charity boxes were created equal! My Charity Boxes manufactures high quality charity and collection boxes for every cause. Our team of engineers and product designers can create custom collection boxes and donation containers to meet your specific fundraising needs. Or you can choose from our hundreds of pre-made containers in stock.

Benefits of Using Charity Boxes for Fundraising:

Simplify your fundraising so you can quickly and easily raise the funds that are so important to your organization! Just purchase and place our donation boxes in strategic locations where they are frequently visited and wait for them to start filling up! My Charity Boxes donation boxes and collection containers are relatively inexpensive and made durable for long lasting. Each collection box can raise up to $60 per month when placed in high traffic areas. Donation cans are also a great way to spread your groups message and to promote awareness of your cause. And don’t forget to empty the donation containers regularly throughout the year by your team of volunteers.

We pledge to bring you:
  • Donation boxes, collection boxes and donation cans that will raise more money in less time.
  • The biggest selection of donation containers in the world.
  • The highest quality collection boxes at the most competitive price.
  • Free ideas and tips to make your fundraising campaign more successful.
  • And the best customer service.

My Charity Boxes can design custom acrylic, tin, metal, and wood donation boxes for your nonprofit or charity. Our team of engineers, product and graphic designers is standing by ready to create custom collection boxes and collection tins to meet your specific needs.

Therefore, should be your one stop source for your fundraising donation box needs. No charity group or non-profit organization is too big or small. No fundraising goal is too big or small. No order is too big or small.