Slopie Suggestion and Donation Box with lock and keys- AC- 31

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Slopie Donation Box -31

This Donation Box is a Best Seller! Our Slopie Donation Box - Coin Collection Box - is made of sturdy, clear acrylic. This acrylic donation box has a fundraising display for your organization's message and works great as a donation box, ballot box, coin canister, or suggestion box. Features a slot for lock to keep your donations safe.

Product Dimensions:5.2" x 3.4" x 6.8"

Acrylic donation containers are manufactured in a combination of clear and colored acrylic. Many sizes, shapes, and designs are available. All designs have a pre-slotted top or side. Many offer locks to prevent theft. Add a printed message for maximum fundraising results.  

My Charity Boxes can design a custom acrylic donation box for your nonprofit or charity. Our team of engineers, product and graphic designers is standing by ready to create custom collection boxes and collection tins to meet your specific needs. Just say the word and we will create a unique, one of a kind, acrylic donation container for you.



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